Our Solution

We will provide a service which features researching key phrase, to match those terms used by visitors seeking your services or subject matter. This data can then be used in the placement of these key phrases in your websites title as and content.

Another important aspect of this service, will be the provision of links to your site, both internally and externally, from other websites. Indeed, many means of promoting your business or interest can be undertaken. These may include email advertising campaigns or even paying other websites for creating links to your business.

We can also apply an analytics package to your site, which will allow you or us to understand more about how the typical users of the site can be assessed, from age demographics, to site preferences and otherwise.

Maintenance Contract

We will provide a maintenance service for your site, for however long you require. This may take the form of keeping the site very visible in the index pages or providing an ongoing development process for your site, from regular updates to even complete change of emphasis, should your market or the world of the web continue to change so dramatically.

Please use the contact form to describe your interest and we will get back to you to discuss our suitability to your needs and ultimately offer a quote on the service you require.

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Getting Noticed

The aim of a business website is to be noticed. This can be achieved directly by paying for an advertisement, with an internet search engine, like google. Or, otherwise, using techniques to make the site one that climbs an indexing page list ranking.

Search Engine Optimisation

There are many means of improving this page list ranking, which will not be achieved by a straight forward web design.This index list ranking cannot be achieved by advertising, but by what are termed SEO techniques.

For each key phrase, web sites will be listed in order of preference. At the bottom of each website search page, you will find page numbers for that search. if you find your site listed beyond the first three pages, your site will likely prove undiscovered by the majority of searchers.

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