New Domain Hosting

We will create a new domain name and host your site. Choose a new email account to support the domain. This option will suit those wishing to rebrand their site, introducing, perhaps, a new and more worthwhile name or phrase to encapsulate your site as it evolves.

Design Hosting

Let Gateway Web Design create a completely new website, (see Web Design) and sign-up for our hosting, new domain name and email account, with web page indexing and website maintenance for however long you require it.

Technical Details

Bandwidth: In hosting terms this refers to the channel capacity (bit-rate) of the communication path between servers, often measured on a monthly basis. This is something that can be established accurately when measured over a period of time, but can be more problematic for new sites, whose activity rates are not known.

Web Space: This is also known as storage or disk space and refers to the amount of space allocated to a website on a web server.


Publishing your website with us can be achieved in the following ways. This may be undertaken as distinct from the other services we offer or be part of an overall web design, SEO and publishing arrangement.

We offer three main options, namely, Simply Hosting, New Domain Hosting and Design Hosting with the following features.

Simply Hosting

Use our Linux servers and we will transfer your domain name to our hosting. There is a choice of unlimited web space and bandwidth, which means you don't need to worry about the amount of traffic your site receives and you can use a site of any size. You will also have the option of our site maintenance and page indexing services.

Gateway Design