Web Types

We typically provide four particular types of design. These can be described as Individual Blog, Events, Advertising Flyer and Business Information.

Individual Blog

Sites are created to optimise the showcasing of an individual or community, such as a home based craft site or that showing off a school playgroups activities. Users of the site are allowed to post comments for the interest of all. Also work can be archived on the site allowing for display of years of work or creativity.


Here, we offer something a bit different to the normal site. Sites are created to help organise an event or project, whereby invited users can contribute to an overall scenario.

Such events as weddings or group trips can be organised via a website, where participants can vote, elect, discuss, agree or disagree. They could be used as a forum for an invited textual debate.

Advertising Flyer

This would typically be a one page ad. Information would carry a company logo, product name or service, a link to the main website and a marketing orientated, photographic and colourful frontage.

Business Information

A website usually of several pages, describing company products and services and providing contact information.

For more technical information about our services see the Hosting section.

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Web Design

We can design websites either to a particular design template or an individually created site more particularly to the users choice. The latter would arguably prove more flexible in meeting specific requirements. That said there is a large range of flexible templates.

Websites have typically been reared to provide information and contact details about businesses, peoples personal blogs or showcasing a particular skill, such as photography, painting or crafts.

However, websites can also be used in ways less obvious. They can be used as advertising flyer style pages to introduce a new product or new project, that may have greater emphasis as a stand alone page.

Lets also explore a few more options that websites can fulfil.

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